Snap Frame LED Light Box

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This product is equipped with a transformer cord and is has a plug and play design for an easy installation.  Its a slimeline light box and is only 28mm thick.  Since it is an LED, it has a longer life expectancy but also very energy efficient.

With a life expectancy of 8-10 years, this reduces the installation time and maintenance as well.  Compared to other standard light boxes, it has a high safety performance, is super slim, heavy duty but still light weight.  It not only has a stylish appeal and a compact design but also can save you 60 to 80% in electricity.

It features magnetic strips which are being used to hold graphics securely and is covered with a clear acrylic front to protect your posters from grime and scratches.  They are mostly found in restaurants, shopping centers, cafés and retail shops.

With its smart design, you are able to change images easily.  Also, they are being manufactured with great quality and to the highest standard to make sure that you have an eye catching display by bringing images to life through even light distribution.

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