3 Basket Trolley – similar to Ezee Trolley

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This handy trolley can be utilised with or without the shopping baskets.

The trolleys are lightweight and very easy to manoeuvre.

More convenient for the frail and elderly than a large supermarket trolley.

The tolleys hold up to 3 shopping baskets or up to 4 cartons of beer.

Ideal for bagged products such as potting mix or dog food.

They work well in a library or school situation with baskets filled with books or craft materials. Unlimited indoor uses.

Sturdy steel construction. The Ezee trolleys nest into each other and 5 trolleys take up less than half a square metre of floorspace. Each additional trolley only adds 110mm to the length of the trolley row.

Very convenient for small supermarkets with narrow aisle space.

3 basket trolleybasket trolley with blue baskets