16 LED Real Estate Window Kit

$1,948.00$3,022.00 excluding gst

A3 LED Panel x 16 pcs
Hanging Kits x 4 pair
Rail 1.5m x 1 pcs
Electric Connect x 1 pcs
Power Supply x 1 pcs (240W)



1/ Hanging in either landscape or portrait;

2/ High bright and even lighting;

3/ Ultrathin: 10mm thickness;

4/ Double sided panel

5/ 70,000 hours high bright leds;

6/ Imported Mitsubishi acrylic material.



1/ Hanging in either landled-02scape or portrait; 2/ A3 and A4 can be mixed in the same column; 3/ High bright and evenly lighting; 4/ Ultrathin: 10mm thickness; 5/ Double sided panel 6/ 70,000 hours high bright leds; 7/ Imported Mitsubishi acrylic material.  LED WINDOW DISPLAY FITTINGS LED-window-example



Q: Can I use any type of paper in the LED Real Estate Window displays?

A: Specialised paper is required

– For laser printer (Powder Drum)

Specifically designed for use with laser printers, the 100g backlit translucent film provides excellent powder adhesion and enhances the printed images producing a brilliantly smooth appearance. No need to choose a particular side, printing is possible on both sides, just like ordinary white paper.  Cost: $40.00 + gst for 100 sheets of A3. 

– For Inkjet printer

Specifically designed for use with ink-jet printers, the PE Backlit film provides excellent ink adhesion and enhances the printed images producing a brilliantly smooth appearance. Please notice to print on the matt side, leave it dry.  $2.00 per A3 sheet.  $1.50 per A4 sheet.

Q: Do I need an electrician to install this LED window display?

A: No. Our low voltage display systems use regular 240v household power.

Q: Can I install my own LED window display?

A: Yes. With our user installation guide, it is easy. You will need a basic understanding of proper wall anchoring methods.

Q: Do you provide product samples?

A: We can provide a sample kit for $195 (Including 0.3m rail, 1pcs x A4 panel, 1 pair x hang kits, 1 x Power supply)

Q: Are the LED display panels double-sided?

A: All of our window displays are double sided and 2 different images may be displayed on either side.

Q: Can the translucent film be changed out easily?

A: Yes, the magnetic face makes inserting photos quick & easy.

Q: Can different size panel be combined in the same column?

A: Yes, different sizes be combined in a column with our unique system.

Q: How long is the rail hanging kits?

A: Our standard rail hanging kits come with a 1.5m long cable (from rail to first the row of panels). This can be adjusted shorter as required by the installer. We can also make customised length cable as required.

Q: What’s the warranty on LED displays?

A: There is a 36-month warranty on all parts.

Q: How bright are these LED display panels?

A: 5000 Lux, it’s the brightest panel on the market.

Q: How soon will I receive my order?

A: Orders are dispatched within 24 hours after payment. It takes 1-4 working days to most metro areas. Rural areas will take extra 3-4 working days.


If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Sam on 0407 630280 anytime.

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