LED Real Estate Window Display

These LED Real Estate Window Display Kits are completely DIY. Everything you need to install them is included apart from the screws to fix the rail in place.  This is because anchoring the rail is very important, and the fixings required will be different depending on whether you are fixing to a gyprock ceiling or a metal window extrusion.


Swivel cable fittings for LED display

The fittings used to attach the cables to the rail are versatile, enabling the display to be fixed to the ceiling or the wall, as can be seen in the image.

The top cable shows the fitting if it would be fixed to a wall.

The bottom cable shows the fitting if it would be fixed to the top of the real estate window or ceiling.

1/ Hanging in either landled-02scape or portrait; 2/ A3 and A4 can be mixed in the same column; 3/ High bright and evenly lighting; 4/ Ultrathin: 10mm thickness; 5/ Double sided panel 6/ 70,000 hours high bright leds; 7/ Imported Mitsubishi acrylic material.

The panels are versatile too so they can be displayed in either landscape or portrait configuration – or even a mixture of both!

The holes which accept the cable are located on 2 edges of the panel, spaced exactly the same.

3 LED cable display kit vertical In this example you can see A4 landscape panels used with an A3 portrait.  Note that the A3 could have been displayed as landscape as the cable spacings are exactly the same.


Choose from our existing kit configurations below, or if you can’t see what you want or have another idea in mind, call Sam on 0407 630280 for a quote or Email Sam and send your sketch or ideas.  Also, see our FAQs listed on each product for your information.