Fake TVs and Fake Laptops

Fake TVsFake TVs and Fake Laptops for homes that are for sale are not meant to be turned on and used, they are there to help the potential purchaser get a feel for how they’re furniture will look in the space once they own the home.

There are a few different size Fake TVs available online being 32”, 42” and 55”. As for the fake laptops, you can choose from black, white or silver. The silver option is a fake Mac Pro :)

New to the range are iMacs with a wireless keyboard , and black or white iPads. They’ll be showing up on the website shortly. Not to mention the fake fruit and fake vegetables that are also new to the range

These type of props are not readily available ‘in stores’, but they are very high quality items which are imported from China. The Fake TVs and Fake Laptops look so real, you will truly be amazed that they are immitations!

Fake Laptops

The fake laptops have a keyboard with keys that actually work, and the shell is from a real laptop, so you can see the battery compartment etc on the underside.

Fake TVs

The Fake TVs are also made using the shell of a real TV, and they have the fittings inserted so that you can use them with a standard TV wall mount. These dummy TVs are so light, however, that you can use a normal picture hook for the 32” and 42” models, and 2 x picture hooks for the 55” model. Just be sure to press the picture hook ‘V’ part together, and close the gap, so that the hook can’t open and have the dummy TV unit fall to the floor :)

One of the main benefits of using a fake TV or a fake laptop is that they are less likely to be stolen. Once a would be thief picks up the unit, they will know it is not real, because the real tvs are so heavy. Same goes for the laptops – they weight less than one kilogram.

Another reason to use them is that installation time is cut down considerably. You can install using just one person and they are not cumbersome or heavy at all.

If you are a home stylist looking for a neat solution for a home theatre without spending thousands of dollars on a 55” display tv, make sure you check out the dummy TV range. While you’re there, see the new fake iMacs, fake iPads and fake laptops!

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