Display Business Cards and More Properly, Safely With Acrylic Card Holders

Properly displaying business cards for customers is usually a nightmare for businesses.  Just how do you properly display a business card for your clientele in an area of your counter space that is not going to cause a problem?  If your company does any business where people visit a location then you need to provide an easy way for those customers to remember you and your business.  Acrylic card holders are one such method in displaying your business cards that customers can take with them.  Since counter space is at a premium your business card holders need to be small, nonintrusive and most of all, capable of standing up to abuse.

Acrylic is similar to glass but it is capable of standing up better to being dropped, moved around and bumped into without breaking like glass might.  Using acrylic card holders can also cut down on damaging your countertop with unsightly scratch marks, particularly on a wood countertop.  If your counters are glass,acrylic card holders make more sense than glass ones since there is little concern in cracking or breaking the glass countertop.  Never underestimate the strength of a child that is absent mindedly grabbing things and slamming them around.

Acrylic card holder, acrylic menu holderLarger acrylic card holders can be used to hold flyers, sales announcements and specials your store may be offering customers.  Using acrylic card holders to draw attention to special sales is a great way to alert in store customers to items that may be on clearance or are new arrivals.  This method of advertising helps foster customers to brag to friends and family when they find a good deal on something they wanted.  This creates valuable word of mouth advertising and potentially more customers visiting your store.  Not bad for an acrylic card holder.

Advertising doesn’t have to be loud, large nor taking over your store front.  Using smaller acrylic card holders throughout your store, you can direct customers to items you are interested in moving.  These items could be new product, closeout items or simply things that are on sale that you feel your customers may benefit from knowing about.  Acrylic card holders are a great way of conveying these things to customers without large poster size advertising that is obnoxious and annoying.  If customers are turned off by your advertising, they will probably not frequent your store, nor tell friends and family to visit your location.

Acrylic card holders come in many sizes and offer many uses for the forward thinking business person to take advantage of.  Getting customers into your store is only the first step to making a sale.  Retaining the interest of those customers through sales and promotions is the next step and with acrylic card holders, you can do just that effectively.  Don’t lose another sale to the lack of proper advertising in your store.


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