Cable Display System

  • Manufactured from high grade aluminium with a unique corrosive and scratch resistant finish

  • Quality guaranteed

  • Designed by Australian craftsmen in 2001

  • 1.5mm 304 stainless steel cable which is 1/19 grade (19 strands creating 1 cable) holds over 200kgs

  • Rod kits available

  • Looks great for brochure displays

  • Shelving options available for product displays in your window or inside your shop

Real Estate agents understand the need to get properties in front of potential buyers.  They also understand the challenge of doing just that in their day to day business.  Real Estate brokers are not the only ones that face trouble in getting their products in front of potential buyers, just about anyone needing to display information can reap rewards from a cable display system.

Retail Display Signs provides the best cable display system in Brisbane and also sends them all over Australia, including Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, country Victoria and country New South Wales.

Displaying sales announcements, property listings, new items in stock are all viable uses of this unique, hidden to the customer, display system.  Every day many potential customers will pass your front window and not enter your store or office, probably due to not knowing what you offer or if you have something that would interest them.  Using a cable display system, you can put products in your front window, where those passers-by can easily see them and make the decision to come in.

Cable display systems come in a wide variety of arrangements that can be installed a couple of different ways, depending on your needs.  The most popular method of installation is in a prominent window for maximum exposure.  This works best near your door so customers will find it easier to follow through from stopping to read one of your displays.

If you’re looking where to buy the best cable display system then you have found it!  This is the best place to buy the cable display system because our display systems come with a lifetime warranty.  You won’t be dissapointed.  If you need a customer review, we are happy to put you in touch with one of our customers who can let you know of their experience.

Another popular method of using cable display systems is with free standing assemblies.  These can be moved around your store to better suit your needs and your clientele.  By setting up your display away from a wall you can use both sides of the acrylic display system.  This method maximizes your investment and doubles your opportunity to make a sale.

Choosing the correct size of your cable display system is key to making sure your displays not only fit but look good too.  Thankfully, this system is available in many sizes from A2 (420x594mm, landscape) to A4 (210x297mm, portrait and landscape) in display sizes from singles to sixteen panels or more (varying based on size and orientation of display unit).  These sizes and options are available in both free standing and window display cable display systems.  There are brochure holders available for holding free items that customers can take with them.  These holders are great for sales.

Builders have found great success using the brochure holder while service sales companies such as health and car insurance have also realized these benefits.  Getting information about your products to the customer is the first step in making a sale, don’t let your current display system stop you from meeting that goal.

If you are concerned that your current display system is adversely affecting your store theme, definitely look into the cable display system.  The unique, minimalist, design is much less obvious, intrusive and less obstructive to customers.  For many customers, the method for your display will be invisible since they will be too busy looking at what is on offer, not at what is holding those offers.

You can’t sell to a customer if they don’t first enter your store.  Using a cable display system you can entice, pique interest and bring in more potential sales, no matter what type of business you operate.