LED Liquid Chalk Board

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Powered by LED’s, not only are they better for the environment but are also very energy efficient.  It attracts passers by and the draw attention of customers  which make them viable for bars, cafes, restaurants and shopping centres.  With minimal maintenance and a longer life span than the conventional light bulb, you get to also save on operational costs.  Although they have a very bright light, it still operates at a lower heat compared to other lighting boards.

They can also be set at a variety of light display settings and even emit different colours.  You can set it to different lighting sequences as well so you can illuminate what you’ve put on or drawn on the board.  It includes an 800×600 LED display writing panel, a pack of 6×10 mm liquid chalk and as well as a wiping towel, a 1.5m power adapter and can be displayed wither in portrait or landscape. You also have the option to mount them on walls or other flat surfaces and comes with a protective corner and remote control.

What’s included:

800×600 LED display writing panel

1.5m power adapter

Pack of 6x 10mm Liquid Chalk and wiping towel

Portable stand to transform to floor stand

Remote Control and protective corner