Freestanding Cigarette Butt Bin

$355.00 excluding gst

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This  1050mm tall cigarette bin is made of heavy duty aluminum.  It provides a strong display which holds up to the rigors of usage in public areas.  The stylish look is achieved with its silver finish and can be installed outside of exhibition halls, restaurants, cafes and even universities giving smokers a place to have their cigarette butts properly disposed of.

You no longer have to worry about corrosion, rust or theft as the disposal bin is featured with tamper-proof locks.  This ensures a tidy stand as well because the canister’s inside is tapered.  This helps in leading the waste to the main bit.

With dyno-bolts, you can now attach it to any area that would suit your need.  When bolted, it’ll be difficult for vandals to remove since they are unique in shape.