14mm Crystal Double Sided LED Light Box

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This uses a high quality cold light which protects the film and as well as the light box from dust particles.  It can also be hung with the use of steel ropes on the ceiling which are high tensile.  Also, by unscrewing the the front cover,  you are able to change the inserts easily.

Although it is heavy duty, its only 14cm thick which makes it light weight and super slim but still giving it a stylish design.  With a life expectancy of 8-10 years, this reduces the installation time and maintenance.  It can save you 60 to 80% in electricity compare to traditional tube light boxes.

With its smart design, you are able to change images easily.  Also, they are being manufactured with great quality and to the highest standard to make sure that you have an eye catching display by bringing images to life through even light distribution.

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